Ratnanagar operates ‘disadvantaged treatment fund’

Ratnanagar, The ‘disadvantaged treatment fund’, instituted by Ratnanagar Municipality in Eastern Chitwan, has been executed effectively.
As many as 40 municipal dwellers took benefits from the fund in the last 10 months.
In a bid to provide treatment facilities to the most disadvantaged people, the municipality, had instituted and brought into operation the treatment fund of Rs 3 million at Bakullar Ratnanagar Hospital.
Ratnanagar Mayor Prahlad Sapkota informed that the most disadvantaged families who were deprived of access to treatment due to economic condition were provided with financial aid for treatment after the fund coming into operation.
The municipality had brought into operation the fund since last year after formulating a work procedure.
A patient can obtain financial assistance up to Rs 10,000 for treatment according to the work procedure of the fund. Mayor Sapkota said the assistance amount can be added as per the need. He further shared financial assistance up to Rs 20,000 was provided to the patients in surgery case.
As of now, three patients with surgery cases have received aid over Rs 10,000, he said, adding that the municipality has been distributing assistance amount on the recommendation of ward office.
The fund was established for health insurance and emergency treatment of disadvantaged community, Mayor Sapkota informed.

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